About Me

Welcome to Shield Digital Design! This site’s main purpose for now is to showcase a few of my hobby projects. While I hope to one day turn SDD into a legitimate company, you have the opportunity to view the “beta” version of my site.

I look forward to displaying my hobby projects for other people who also share a love for all things electronic. My hope is to gather skills and knowledge from those who are more experienced as well. This site is one of many steps that I hope will help me turn my hobbies into a business one day.

I am a hardware engineer based out of New Jersey. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of digital hardware design, but my passion is really more towards PCB layout, VHDL and signal/power integrity.

Because of my deep interest in signal and power integrity I would like to have the opportunity to work on more projects to practice SI/PI analysis. If you're in need of any SI/PI analysis, layout work, or any other digital hardware design tasks on an open source project, I would be happy to help. Feel free to reach out to me.

I would also happily work on consulting jobs, but we would need to discuss a time line so that all expectations may be met.

Below are some of the tasks I'm willing to work on:

  • Signal and Power Integrity

    • PCB Stackup creation and validation

    • Pre-layout constraints generation including IBIS simulation

    • Pre-layout PDN planning

    • Post-layout DRC validation

    • Post-layout signal integrity simulation

    • Post-layout DC IR drop simulation

    • Post-layout PDN validation

  • Schematic capture

    • Familiarity with: KiCAD, Altium Designer, PADS

  • PCB Layout

  • Design Documentation

If you don't see a particular service listed here, please don't hesitate to contact me and ask if I can help you out. I welcome your suggestions, comments, feedback, etc.



Stephen Newberry